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Your June Horoscope by Susan Miller

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Aquarius Horoscope for June 2016

By Susan Miller

This will be a month that has everything, from emphasis on career and home, to love and friendship. While not every day will be easy, the end of June will bring some jewel-like opportunities that you will love. If things get bumpy in the first week, keep the faith, because the very best planetary action will come in the second half of the month.

Let's start with your career. Life in general may have been proceeding at a very slow pace because Mars has been retrograde since April 17, but happily, Mars will turn on power and go direct on June 29. Until late last month, May 27, Mars has been in your house of friends and humanitarian and charitable work, but has since moved into Scorpio for June and July, almost ensuring the coming two months will be busy for your career. Mars is the energy planet of courage and drive, and when he is in retrograde, he rests. You may have felt as though you've been walking through glue all these weeks. If so, that's because, Mars, the booster rocket to all new endeavors, has not helped you. It's hard to achieve major progress when Mars is napping. If you say you did have a victory, it's because you were willing to supply all the energy that you would usually be able to take for granted would come from a friendly Mars.

So here is your picture: You have Mars lighting your solar tenth house of prestigious professional honors, awards, and achievement in June and July. Of those two months, July will be your more important month for these matters, for Mars will continue to retrograde in June. Keep this in information in mind as the coming two months unfold.

The month starts off with a difficult aspect, Saturn opposed to the Sun on June 2. This happens once a year, and it is an emotionally draining, deflating, and for some, a depressing aspect. Saturn, now in your house of friendship, will oppose the Sun in your solar fifth house of true love. You might be criticized by your sweetheart and take the words very much to heart, making you feel lonely and not at all close to your lover. Or, you may find that your close friend does not like your present amour, throwing a feeling of doubt about your partner in your mind - and it's a depressing feeling. Or, it may be that your lover will go through a very difficult patch and require help and support from you.

There are other possibilities concerning the trend that the June 4 new moon might bring up for you. The subject of pregnancy may be on your mind, and you may feel sad because you can't conceive, especially since all your friends have babies. If this is the case for you, do careful research and find the very best fertility specialist you can to help you. You have many options, including the adoption of a baby who has no mother or father. The process can be expensive, but your outlook for receiving a large sum of money will be strong in the coming months, particularly by September. God works in mysterious ways, so keep heart.

The new moon June 4 is mixed in outlook. That new moon will arrive with the Sun and Venus, a lovely start. Venus is in Gemini until June 16, a plus because Gemini is an air sign like yours - this is the best place for Venus to be. However, Saturn is still out of control and he will oppose gentle Venus, the Sun, and new moon. This indicates that events going on around you may bring stress. You may have problems with a home or family matter in the days following the new moon, and something going on at work regarding a project may also need your attention.

The reason you may have to put out fires in the days following the new moon is that the planets will be forming a box pattern in the sky at the time of the new moon, June 4. Each side of the box will be a planet in each one of the mutable signs of Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, and Pisces. The Sun, new moon, and Venus in Gemini will receive an opposition from Saturn in Sagittarius. All those planets will receive a challenge in terms of a 90-degree "square" - denoting obstacle - from Neptune in Pisces, and Jupiter in Virgo. The most difficult rogue planet in this pattern will be Saturn, although Neptune in your house of money and income will throw a veil over financial matters and make decisions hard to make. If you feel information is missing, ask questions and demand backup.

When you have a box pattern as we will have (all very mathematically tight, which is significant) it means energy will bounce around the walls of the closed box, seeking escape, but finding none, will create tension in these various areas of your life. Those may be in regard to a work project, money, love, and possibly friendship.

I feel strongly all this can work out well for you, and you can use this new moon to find love and enrich the personal side of life. You can also tackle quite successfully anything that comes up by facing them one-by-one. I say that because Mercury, the planet that rules Gemini (the place of the new moon), will be in beautiful angle to Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck. Mercury's role here is to reflect the outcome - with Jupiter involved, you can't do better than that.

There is another reason I say that things will work out for you. At the very same time, at the start of the month, going on at the same time, there will be a grand trine, denoting the very finest harmony of three planets that anyone could imagine. Pluto in your behind-the-scenes sector will reach out to Jupiter in your eighth house of other people's money, and to Mercury in your house of home and family. Each planet will be 120 degrees from the other, forming a golden triangle. All three of these areas will form a mathematically tight triangle of beauty. If you are working on a real estate goal, this triangle will make it all possible.

Next, circle June 13 as an outstanding day. It's a Monday, but you will feel the sublime aspects building over the weekend of June 11-12 too. The Sun will still be in your house of love, as will Venus, so this weekend gets my vote for a sublime romantic experience. Uranus is your ruler, so this aspect counts for more for you than for other signs. Because transiting Uranus is posited in your house of short distance travel, it may be a wonderful idea to go away with your lover to a very special weekend for two, and see if you can stay away Monday too, if you can take one vacation day to add on to the weekend. The Sun rules your significant other, who will be in ideal sync with you. The moon will be in Libra, another plus, for Libra is, like Gemini, an air sign like yours. You must plan something special for June 11 to June 13!

Next, on June 20 comes the full moon in Sagittarius, 29 degrees. This full moon will be in lovely angle to Uranus, planet of surprise, and your ruler. This appears to be a weekend for a dazzling social event. Mercury will receive opposing energy from Saturn, so you may not get along well with the person you are dating, or if you need to travel to attend this event, you may have problems getting there. Still you should try to go, as once there, you will enjoy it very much. If you don't do a social event on this weekend, influential plus or minus four days, you might be involved in a charity or humanitarian event, and if so, it seems connected to work you did in May, and that culminated in the third week.

I say this because this full moon in Sagittarius will be the second full moon in a row in this sign, which is unusual. Think back to last month, to May 21, when the full moon in Sagittarius came by. What happened then? It seems that again a friend might have invited you to an event. If your birthday falls on January 22, plus or minus five days, it would have affected you directly - it seems like it was a fun time for you, and also fell over a weekend.

This full moon of June 20 will be colored by surprises and an event that bubbles over with sparkling conversation. It would be a time to travel, despite the problems Saturn will try to cause with travel planet Mercury. If your birthday falls on February 18, you will feel this full moon more directly than the one that came by last month, May 21. If you have any natal planet in Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Aries, or Leo at 29 degrees, or Aquarius rising at 29 degrees, or, within five degrees for any of those planets or rising sign, you too will benefit from this full moon in a very noticeable way.

In terms of love, as said, you will do best when Venus glides through Gemini, June 1 to 16. That would also be a time to buy new clothes, have your stylist or barber suggest a new way to wear your hair, select new eyeglasses or sunglasses, and for women, to buy new makeup. Mercury is no longer retrograde, so you can go ahead and shop to your heart's content. You can also buy electronics too, especially after June 7, when Mercury will be back to former strength. (Mercury went direct on May 22, but needed time to ramp up his energy.)

The month ends on a spectacular aspect, June 26, one that merits a gold star, and that is so rare and powerful, it forms one of the standout features of 2016. It will arrive when Pluto in Capricorn will send an important beam to Jupiter in Virgo, based in your financial eighth house of money. This is a very powerful aspect that usually translates into considerable success. When two big, slow moving planets meet, they often meet and part three times to create a transformation experience. Pluto and Jupiter met in this lovely "trine" (120 degrees apart, considered the most harmonious possible) on November 26, 2015 - that was Thanksgiving Day for Americans. The next meeting of these two planets in the same aspect came March 16, and now you will have the last one.

Look at your email and look at the discussions you were having at the time. A seed you planted on one of these two earlier dates - an opportunity that you were happy about but didn't think would be extraordinary - might possibly show opportunity to grow far bigger financially. Or, it may be a new opportunity that will get you very excited. Be sure to watch what happens from June 23 to June 27.


You've been waiting for your love life to become lively, and you may get your wish after the new moon appears on June 4. The Sun, new moon in Gemini, and Venus will fill your house of love, fun, leisure, and vacations. Last month you focused heavily on your career and you built up plenty of momentum. Mars, now retrograde, has just backed into Scorpio, lighting your career house. The likelihood that you will continue to make even bigger career gains in June and July will continue, and this time, so much of what you already did is causing your reputation to grow and shine.

At the same time, Venus will be taking your hand and playfully pulling you toward love, so rest assured, you can safely take your eyes off the road to enjoy the softer side of life. This new moon in Gemini suggests that if you are single, you may meet TWO new potential romantic partners because the new moon will be in Gemini - the sign of twins. If you are attached, you will have time to spend with the one you love, perhaps by planning a getaway. If you dream of having a baby, you may get serious about planning a pregnancy now, and your timing would be right. If you have not been able to conceive (and that problem has become an epidemic), go to a specialist in a teaching hospital for advice sometime this month, or after June 29. If you have children, they will form a big part of your fun in June and you will giggle more now than you have so far all year.

The new moon of June 4 has flaws, for Saturn, your ancient ruler, will oppose the new moon, suggesting you may have to outwit an obstacle. It may come in the form of a friend who voices an unsolicited, troubling opinion about the person you're dating (and wish your friend had not voiced). Or, you may see character revealed in your lover that upsets you, that you had not seen before. Saturn does have a reputation for revealing unvarnished truths. Or, if attached, you may feel you are drowning in responsibilities, and have difficulty unwinding in the little time you have. Or, it could be that you will be concerned about spending money now, or a lack of funds, due to Neptune's challenge of this new moon. (Don't worry about money - you are going to do well soon.)

On the pro side, however, concurrently, because Gemini is the sign of the new moon, and Mercury is Gemini's ruler and in ideal angle to Jupiter, this shows you can get over any barrier that life throws in your path - go have fun. Sometimes we are given challenges to show our resourcefulness and determination - this could be one of those times. You deserve fun, and it can be there for you if you figure out how to deal with obligations. Don't be shy about asking for help.

Your best days for love that will follow the love-oriented new moon (which will add another layer of happiness on June 13 and the weekend prior June 11-12, too) when a short trip, or even rounds done on errands may suddenly bring romance, thanks to the Sun in angle to Uranus. Single or attached, these days are for you. Over these days, be lighthearted. There's no reason to be serious - this will be a time to laugh and let go.

As an aside, Venus will be in Gemini, your very best place for you, from the start of the month through June 16. It's a great time to buy new clothes and find ways to freshen your appearance.

The month's full moon, June 20, will also emphasize social activity within four days of the date. You may be going to a big celebration or other event that will draw many people together for a single purpose. It may be a friend's engagement party, wedding, or baby shower, or you may go to a major athletic game (with plenty of screaming for your team), or conversely, attend an exclusive industry event (by invitation only) or an elegant and diversely populated party of a friend. You may pick up a tip at any event you choose, for Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, will be within a degree of Pluto, and both planets are tied to considerable financial growth. Pluto rules your solar tenth house of career accolades, so the tip is likely to be about a job opening or a client you can soon pitch. Jupiter and Pluto will peak in aspect on June 26, but the entire week will be special for news from June 20-27.

Mars will continue to retrograde this month, a holdover from April 17, to continue to June 29, so it's just as well that you might consider the idea of taking some fun time off for a vacation or long weekend mid-month. Nothing of earthshattering importance is likely to come up while you are gone. It is almost never wise to launch a new product or service during Mars retrograde. Mars is the planet of energy and drive, the planet that helps you to compete effectively whether in an athletic event, or a career situation, or even regarding a personal relationship. If you do launch an action now, you will not be able to depend on any lucky breaks, and you will have to plan to supply all the strenuous energy that normally Mars would have given you, to support your effort.

You can have fun this month - make that happen.

For Dates to Note: Please watch my June TV show broadcast. You can get your special dates, with explanation.

Here is the link to use:

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P.S. for June 2016

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Astrology Zone and my normal long monthly horoscopes will always remain free for you as they have every month for the past 19 years on the Internet. Please always look at my PS on my website each month as I list appearances and other free events that do not appear on my app. You can only view my TV show from clicking on the link from my site, as it is not possible to do straight from my app.

Viewing my TV show will give you special insight and detail on the coming month and also help you get more from the information you already get from me on Astrology Zone. I hope to teach you a few handy skills that will allow you to understand how astrology works and how you can harness that information for your own purposes to achieve enjoy a brighter future.

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