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Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Your September Horoscope by Susan Miller

Aries Horoscope for September 2014

By Susan Miller

September will be a marvelously productive month. To make the most of it, you will need to hit the ground running, as October will be a month of waiting and watching. We will have two eclipses next month, always harbingers of change and surprising news. Eclipses change our timetables, rouse us into alertness, and bring a new direction. First we will have a total eclipse of the moon in Aries, October 8, bringing an ending, final chapter, or a sense of closure. Two weeks later, we will have a friendly solar eclipse, a new moon, in Scorpio, October 23. Mercury will be retrograde too, from October 4 to 25. Next month I will tell you more about how to make the most of these aspects, but let's suffice to say that September is when you should make your most decisive moves.

Let's talk about your career and money first, for that appears to be quite a pressing topic. You will be happy to learn that Pluto, the powerhouse planet of transformation, is about to turn direct on September 22, after having been retrograde since April 14. Pluto is based in your tenth house of honors, awards, achievement, and fame - a very prestigious career house - so if you were not able to find the right position over the past six months, you now know why. Pluto was sleeping but is waking up this month.

Watch the days surrounding the date when Pluto goes direct on September 22 (plus or minus three days), for the universe usually sends subtle clues to you in the days circling the day any big planet turns direct. Give September 22 a plus or minus two to three days, and keep your ear to the ground for news. The job you discuss at that time will be laden with special meaning to you. You would have to be alert to notice the clues, but they will be there, and when you pick up on the message, you will see the direction you will be heading in the future.

We all have two houses in the horoscope that affect work life. The sixth house rules new assignments, the methods you use to get your job done, the people who report to you, and co-workers / team members who work alongside you. In this house, we take projects that will eventually add to our growing reputation, but this sixth house cannot give you an influential job with status and a better title. That's the job of the tenth house. It is fine to take a new job similar to the one that you had before (say, if you recently had a baby, for example), but if you are ambitious, as I suspect you are, you won't be able to scale great heights with sixth house energy. You need the tenth house of fame and honors to get you where you want to be, and then you have to supply the energy to get that enviable job. I lay out what will be happening in your chart, for your tenth house is, and will continue to be, very lit up.

Aside from Pluto turning direct (a big help), there will be more planets getting into the act to help you get ahead professionally. Mars, your ruler, will be heading to Capricorn and your tenth house of fame as well. The fact that Pluto is going direct before Mars enters your professional house October 26 to December 4 tells me that Mars will do a very effective job. Pluto will be working at top throttle, and now Mars will allow you to engender assistance from the very highest echelons of power, in terms of VIPs who care about you and who will want to help you.

Almost everyone does well when Mars tours their tenth house of fame, honors, and achievement, a highly prestigious house, for it becomes easier to find the right kind of position to display your talents, get the attention of VIPs, and to get your foot in the door. Because Mars is your guardian ("ruling") planet, Mars' position is doubly significant for you, for you will get a double dip of Mars' superb assistance. Mars will give you energy, courage, drive, and determination. One of the wonders of the universe is that high energy attracts equally high energy. No doubt you will be quite compelling in your job search, whether you have a job or if you do, whether you thought of changing job or not. You will want to entertain any and all offers under your dazzling aspects.

If you are temporarily unemployed and discouraged, don't be - keep your standards high and don't cave in and take any old job. Hang on to your dream for a better job than the one you had before, despite the obstacles you may have faced this year. The universe did not forget you, dear Aries. Now that the pieces are in place, nothing can stop you.

I have more to tell you! My mother, who I called Little Mom, also an astrologer, would tell me that you could have the most wonderful aspects in the world (as you do for career), but without a stellar new moon, you won't see much action. You lucky little Leprechaun, you will have the key new moon that you need shortly after Mars leaves your career house - that new moon will arrive December 21 and be influential for ten days. The actions you take in the ten days after that new moon can change your life during the entire year 2015. If you assume nothing important ever happens at holiday time, think again - you will be the proof that big things can and do happen.

The new moon of which I speak will be the one coming December 21, plus ten days. This new moon will fall in the critical 1 degree of a cardinal sign, considered so powerful that it symbolizes the life force. I feel you will lay the groundwork for your new prestigious position earlier, now, in late September (credit newly alert Pluto), and during November (credit Mars). If my calculations are right, everything will come together for you by that new moon December 21 in Capricorn, shining in your solar tenth house. Top jobs take time to win, so this timetable is not unreasonable. Neptune will be beautifully angled, so if you work in the arts, or are seeking a job that will allow you to showcase your creativity, one will be there for you if you look.

The new moon on December 21 will arrive at the critical 1 degree, very powerful - so you should see results. As if this were not enough, that new moon will come with an entourage of three other planets to fill your career house with brilliant light. These include Pluto, Venus, and Mercury, and so along with the Sun and new moon, you will have half the solar system glittering at the very top of your chart, like diamonds in your prestigious career house. You see, dear Aries, the best is yet to come.

Now let's turn to money, which may have been a sore point for you. Part of the problem was that Mars, your ruler, has been touring your eighth house of other people's money, which covers, among other financial obligations (as well as income from sources other than salary), bank loans, credit cards, taxes, child support, mortgage and rent payments, unemployment and other insurance, court settlements and so forth. Mars increased your expenses, so you may have been freaking out, for some of those expenses were ones you did not see coming. The good news is that Mars will leave your financial house this month, on September 13, and you should see things calm down almost immediately.

Saturn has been the main culprit in regard to your money, and here is even more good news - Saturn is set to leave Scorpio as of December 23 this year. Saturn has been giving you a cosmic MBA since it entered Scorpio in October 2012, so you may have experienced financial tension on and off for that long. Saturn has been residing in the same area of your chart that Mars is moving through now, which is why the heat has been turned up to high concerning your cash flow since end of July. As you see, however, Saturn is on his way out.

While it is true Saturn will retrograde back for a short, thirteen-week goodbye visit in Scorpio next year, from June 14 to September 17, 2015, that time will fly by. You are already used to Saturn's demands, so this won't be anything new to you. Saturn actually has your best interests at heart, to help you learn how to manage money effectively. Admittedly, Saturn has a funny way of showing that he's on your side. No matter - once Saturn is out of Scorpio for good, he will not return until 2041, decades from now.

The solar (new moon) eclipse of next month, October 23, will be in Scorpio, and will be the friendliest eclipse of the year. Having said that, I will acknowledge that all eclipses require some adjustment, but this one seems to be staunchly in your favor when it comes to finances. The appearance of an eclipse always suggests a change, so you may see money from a new source. The "money" you see may be new health insurance, possibly given to you by a new employer, a commission, or you may get a loan approved that you petitioned from the bank so that you can fulfill a dream.

As you see, there are many aspects pointing in the same direction - career and money success. Hang on a little longer, dear Aries. The frustration you felt in regard to your professional and financial progress can now end. I feel a new day is dawning, so start to get your resume, CV, and if applicable, your artistic portfolio or reel edited and polished.

Now let's look at other elements in your chart that are creating news. I know I have been discussing career and money quite a bit, but you have superb aspects for travel too. Once Mars, your ruler, enters into your travel sector, from September 13 this month until October 26, you will get a chance to fly to distant points. It appears you will go for fun and love, but even if you find you need to travel for business, you can weave in a little time to explore the city you are visiting and generally have fun.

The full moon, September 8, will allow you to finally end a habit that you know is not quite good for you. Within four days of that full moon, you can seek help from a doctor or professional therapist, and see results, even if you have been disappointed with your attempts to overcome this habit in the past. If you have a serious dependency on a substance, you can find the courage to go into rehab and get the kind of care you hoped to get - compassionate, loving, and wise. I say that because the full moon will be in Pisces, 16 degrees, one of the kindest of all signs, and universally loving. Pluto, the planet of transformation, will be on hand to offer his gifts, which is incredibly fortunate for you, for having Pluto on your side is a huge plus!

Last month, I wrote a lot about the move of Jupiter into Leo, a wildly happy circumstance for you because Leo is a fire sign like yours, which means you can easily absorb the gifts this good fortune planet has to send you. Best of all, Jupiter will shine in your fifth house of true love. Every Aries will benefit from this trend, which will continue until August 11, 2015. Jupiter's not been on hand to pour his golden light in your romance sector since mid-2002 to mid-2003. This time will be even better for you than during those years. There are many benefits you may partake of, so I will list them here.

If you are single and have been frustrated in finding suitable romantic interests to date, you won't now that Jupiter is at your side. You will have to do your part by circulating quite a bit, and to be open to all types. You may have a picture in your mind of the one type of sweetheart who is right for you - until you meet someone else who is not at all the type you thought you'd go for, and suddenly you cannot get this person out of your mind. Have faith that Jupiter understands you and will work in your favor.

If you are seriously attached, you will grow closer in love, and you will get more attention from your partner, always a wonderful development. In this instance, you will move through all the stages of love rapidly, from first blush of love to planning an engagement. I say that because between now and December 9, Jupiter will move rapidly through space, and that suggests your relationship will develop just as rapidly. You may be moving toward a commitment sooner than you may think - Jupiter is like a loving relative that wants to see you coupled up. Let things take their natural course, and do nothing to rush things. If anything, you may want to slow things down a bit!

If you are married, or in an established long-term relationship, you may feel ready to have a baby, a great time to conceive. The fifth house, which is glowing for you, is the house of conception, birth, and the loving care of children. If you have had problems with conception, see a fertility specialist (or if you already have, see if you can have a procedure on September 25, one of the most dazzling days of 2014 for all the areas I have been discussing - romance, baby, and creativity.) If you already have children, you are likely to hear good news about at least one.

It is al so very possible you will travel to a foreign country with your partner very soon. You need not go a far distance to thoroughly enjoy yourself. It might be the distance that an American couple would go, such as to Canada or Mexico or very far, say overseas to Istanbul or Tokyo. The point is, you both need a little fun. Being in a new setting will help you to take a break from your everyday routine, and will give you a more realistic perspective on everyday cares. It will be fun to have a new adventure to focus on together, and to weave a memory you both will look back on with feelings of excitement and joy. Building a memory together will have you both bonding closer and thinking about the future.

Jupiter will have another bonus for you if you work in the arts, are paid for your ideas in your career, work in the staff position to support artistic talent, or have a pastime that you are very serious about, keep working at your project. With Jupiter acting as a friendly uncle who wants to see you do well, you can create work of exceptional originality now and in weeks ahead.

Now I get to the biggest news of the month. On September 25, Uranus in Aries will trine Jupiter in Leo, making this a five-star day for you. Uranus brings surprises, and Jupiter brings good fortune. It's been years since this aspect has come by, and it is a harbinger of fresh hope, happiness, joy, and optimism. You needed a big morale booster and a romantic breakthrough, and this aspect can provide it to you. (It was four years ago since we had anything similar, so put a big gold star on this day!)

If you are single, be sure to go out with friends on September 25 (it's a Thursday), or if you are attached, schedule a romantic dinner together. If you have vacation time left, perhaps you and your partner would like to take a long weekend away to enjoy the private time you so desperately need. If you have children, see if your children's grandparents will babysit for you so you can go.

I am enthusiastic about September 25 for another reason. It comes one day after the important new moon, September 24, in your opposite sign of Libra. Again, we see that important critical 1-degree of a cardinal sign, emblematic of the power of the life force. This is a new moon that will encourage making serious commitments, whether in love or business, and because this new moon is so enchanting, you will likely find that almost any union you create will be strong and active.

This is your time, dear Aries!


You will be full of vim and vigor as you begin September, for you will have people to see and places to go. On September 13, your ruler, Mars, will enter Sagittarius, to stay until October 26, and will likely bring exciting travel for you in weeks ahead. It is also possible that you will host important people from afar in your own city. The import / export of ideas, goods, and services to foreign countries will also be favored. If you planned to go back to the university, you may be packing up, ready to go to campus. Your timing in this case would be ideal too.

Your career is due for a big boost, and news will continue to be bright throughout the second half of 2014. Pluto will finally be moving direct orbit on September 22, giving energy to your professional sector. Pluto was in weak retrograde since April 14, so you may have been frustrated to see that your efforts to get ahead have not have yielded the results you hoped to see. That will change now for the better, at long last.

The job you find to interview for this month will likely represent a step up, with more prestige and responsibility than you had previously. You will have quite a bit of planetary activity in your tenth house of fame and honors later in the year, too, throughout late October and November, and in late December 2014 / January 2015. If you don't manage to win an exciting new position in September, stay patient, for you can later. In the meantime, circle September 22 plus or minus one day for indications that that the tide is moving in your favor when it comes to career matters.

The full moon this month on September 24 will be in the marriage sign of Libra, and you will be focused intently on your steady sweetheart or spouse. If you're hoping to get engaged, this energetic new moon is powerful enough to make that romantic proposal happen, and if you're already wed, you and your spouse may be drawing up plans for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation or honeymoon. Do you hope for a baby? This new moon thinks that is a good idea and will help you get started. (Jupiter's recent move into Leo makes for perfect timing to summon the stork.)

This month is special in that on September 25, Jupiter, planet of good fortune and luck, will make a decisive, positive aspect to Uranus, the planet of surprise. This is an aspect that will bring sudden, exciting opportunity to you and give you solid reasons to be optimistic. Jupiter will be in your love sector, so if single, you may meet someone new, and when you do, it may feel like a thunderbolt out of the blue. If you are dating, events of this day will draw you closer.

If you are married and dearly hoping for a baby, you may hear you are pregnant. Uranus is still on his long tour of Aries, so this exciting aspect will affect you quite directly and personally. In addition to love and happiness, your creativity will soar too, so if you make your living by coming up with ideas and artistic expressions, on this day you would be able to come up with many original ideas and you may be lauded as a rock star.

The last time Jupiter and Uranus made an aspect like the one of September 25, it was 2011, four years ago. This month, surprises will come, and none will be of things you suspected would happen, but something better! If your birthday falls on April 4, or within five days of this date, this sparking aspect will be beaming straight to you. Having said that, ALL Aries will have reason to celebrate, so think good thoughts, dear Aries. You have come into a period of great reward.

Dates to Note ARIES

Most important dates for love, meetings, or actions: 1, 2, 5, 6, 10, 14, 15, 19, 20, 24, 25, 28, 29, and 30.

As you begin the month, you will need to hit the ground running. Thanks to the new moon last month, August 25, lots of projects will be flowing onto your desk. Stay organized!

September will be a superb month to begin a new fitness plan, so begin in the very first week of September. The same new moon of last month gets the credit for giving you the motivation to become energized and fit.

A career day where you will make lots of progress with a VIP will be September 3, when the Sun will be so well angled to Pluto.

If you need a coach or therapist to help you break a stubborn habit that's bad for you, take action on the Harvest Moon, a full moon, September 8.

You will begin to travel more than usual from September 13 to October 25 when Mars will tour Sagittarius.

Focus on realigning your finances on September 11 when Saturn will lend longevity to your actions.

Pluto will turn direct September 22, making it much easier for you to get in to see VIPs for your career.

A new day is dawning for your romantic partnership, something you will see in evidence in the days that follow the new moon, September 24, in Libra. If you are ready for commitment, so is your partner.

One of the most exciting days of the year will be September 25 when Uranus in Aries will reach out in the most harmonious way possible to Jupiter in Leo. Love will rule the world on one of the happiest days of the year.

On September 29, Venus will enter Libra in your relationship sector helping to make your interactions together sweet and smooth.

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Don't we all love a bargain?

We all want to know about the deals being offered nearby in our neighborhoods to save money. I found a way when a brilliant entrepreneur, Luis Sanchez, came to see me to show me he had developed a way of seeing all the various deal-of the-day websites that are featuring discounts on food, entertainment, boutiques, and other establishments, all in one click. Traveling? All you need to do is enter the zip code of your new neighborhood as you travel each day and you can see the deals that may be just across the street from your hotel.

The company is called and is ready to use today. It is a New York-based startup with a location-based search engine that gives you access to thousands of local online deals in a single site.

For now, is only available in the United States. It covers most of the deals and services you would see from various sources (Groupon, Amazon, Google deals, and so forth) all at once, so you don't have to go from site to site to find a deal that appeals to you, as Luis would humorously say, "until your head hurts." There is no registration necessary, and no useless emails to stuff your inbox each day.

Just type your address or ZIP code and get the deals you want when you want them. You pull in your information, which is far better than having many emails pushed to you. Try it and like the service on Facebook!

A word about the web address of

You may be wondering, what exactly is .US?

You might have thought the domain ending .us would only be only for government agencies and schools, but since 2002, individuals, businesses, churches, and non-profits have adopted .US web addresses to make their mark on the Internet. The .US is a new domain ending.

Just remember the name of the new service that no doubt you will be using quite a bit: pronounced as "wi-five-dot-us" otherwise seen as:


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