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Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Your August Horoscope by Susan Miller

Cancer Forecast for August 2014

By Susan Miller

A big part of this month will center on money, but unlike years past, the news should be exciting and positive. August appears to be all blue skies, with not a cloud in sight. Last month's new moon in Leo on July 26 is still fresh and strong, and will work hard to help you during the first ten days of this month. That new moon lit your solar second house of earned income, so it is imperative that you ask for a raise quickly, during the first week of August, before the energy of that new moon fades away.

If you have been interviewing for a new position, you may have come to the point in talks when salary come up. Don't force the issue - timing is everything in the interview process - but IF the topic of salary comes up, first, find out what the employer wants to give you. Do not be the first to name a price. If the offer is not enough, gently suggest a salary close to what you were expecting. Hopefully the gap between what you were expecting and what you were offered will not be too wide. No matter - this month you can be quite persuasive in presenting your case for more.

Remember, when it comes to money, you are highly favored now. If you are self-employed, you may now feel comfortable raising your rates and also be successful in bringing in more lucrative new business. If you are an actor and negotiating a fee for your next movie, you will have a better feel for what you will be able to negotiate than your agent. Be sure you and your agent huddle before she or he goes in for the deal - you both need to be on the same page.

An absolutely fantastic set of days for seeing more income will be August 8, and also August 15-18. Uranus in your house of fame and honors will contact the Sun in your house of income on August 8, and suddenly you are the buzz in the industry. Later Venus in your second house of earned income will be in sync with Uranus too, ensuring MORE money comes to you. Dear Cancer, this again puts a direct link between your rising status and your compensation - wow! If the news turns out not to be quite that dramatic because you are young and still in need of experience, I still feel you will be very pleased with news of the day, both in terms of your glowing reputation and your ability to increase your cash flow.

It is also possible you will be ready to spend quite a bit of money for something you've been saving up to buy, such as a computer, or to put a large down payment on a car or house. You will be thinking big, and with Jupiter conjunct that new moon, you may feel that although the price is steep, you have found a bargain. Indeed, I see that you may be paying a lot more than you anticipated, but that any purchase you make in early August would represent solid value.

If you read my last month's forecast, in July, I had mentioned the need for you to act quickly to find ways to raise your income, as a new moon is always strongest on the day it appears and in the week that follows right after it. After that, the new moon gently loses strength with each passing day, until, nearly two weeks later, that new moon's energy is completely spent. You can always re-read my last month's forecast by scrolling down here, and seeing the link to the previous month below the Dates to Note, just above my PS (post script of announcements).

Assuming you are now reading your August report at the very start of August, you still have time to increase your income, so gather up your courage and think about all the ways you have contributed to the company's profits. Confidently present the reasons why you feel your raise is justified. That new moon of July 26 was superb, for it arrived conjunct Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, and that earns my vote for best new moon of the year. If ever you had a perfect time to ask for more money, it's now. I feel you will be able to negotiate even more money than you assume you can.

Money will again be the topic of conversation at the full moon in Aquarius, 18 degrees, on August 10, plus or minus four days. This time, the type of funds you will be discussing will be different from the salary questions that were likely to come up in early August. Earlier, your house of personal funds was being lit up; now you will be discussing what I call "other people's money."

What is other people's money? Those types of funds would include bank loans, lines of credit, taxes, mortgage or refinancing plans, child support, inheritance, bonus, commission, and insurance payout, or you may come to the answer for a final divorce settlement, and these are just some examples. Funds from this area tend to come in to you in one large lump sum. You seem to be discussing one of these areas mid-month. Also covered are the rates you pay the telephone company for your cell phone or the cable people for your Internet access. You can try for a better deal now too.

Sometimes money comes in during a full moon period like this one, and other times money flows out, say, to cover a credit card or tax payment, as two examples. If you are self-employed, one client may go bankrupt and not pay you, so you always have to be ready for that. (That's why you always need to do credit checks ahead of time, and ask for a deposit in advance if the good or services you will provide are expensive.)

If you owe money at the full moon, Saturn will be in hard angle to the full moon, so it may be that you already know a payment is due, and there'll be no getting around that deadline. The person you will be dealing with will be a stickler for following rules, so don't even try to negotiate a later due date. Instead, knowing this date is coming up, if you are in a tight situation, you will have two weeks to figure out how you will cover this debt. Keep smiling, however, for you do have the very best outlook for making excellent money in the weeks ahead.

In the last week of August, see if you can take time off to travel on a short trip. The new moon in Virgo, 2 degrees, on August 25 will be superb for a jaunt into the countryside. You could use a breather - this could be your chance to take time off. If you intend to drive, make sure you have good directions, and add an old-fashioned paper map to your glove compartment, as your GPS may lead you astray. I say this because Neptune will oppose the new moon and Sun, and that could cause confusion when driving. Get weather reports too, and stay out of fog or sand storms, where visibility will drop to zero. You may be concerned about childcare, whether you want to go alone with your mate or bring them, but a little research should help you find the answer. If your spouse or sweetheart cannot go because of work obligations, and you do have the time, go with a friend or family member. You need the time away - don't let it slip by.

Your brother and sister will figure prominently in this new moon, so you may be visiting your sibling's vacation house or you may go on a trip with your sibling. There is a chance of that, but that's not definite. (If you say, "I can never go on a trip with my sister - we never get along!" don't worry - this is only one possibility.) Your sis may call up and suggest you plan something special for your parents, such as a reunion of relatives, and may ask you to pitch in by being part of the phone tree she's creating, to get the word out.

If you don't want to take time off to travel, this new moon, August 25, might be useful on other fronts. It may bring you a contract to negotiate, as your solar third house rules agreements and contracts of all kinds. The ruler of this new moon is Mercury, and at the time of this new moon, Mercury will be in friendly angle to Saturn. This indicates any terms you agree to at the end of August would be in place a very long time, possibly forever.

Communication projects will rule at this time, so this would also be an ideal time to begin writing a book or novel, or to launch an advertising or publicity campaign. You might also want to print stationery for personal or professional use, or design a new logo for your business if self-employed. It may be time to redo your social media page, work on building a new Website, or put together a team to help you build an app.

If your birthday falls on June 23, plus or minus five days, you will feel the effects of this full moon the most. The same is true if you have a natal planet at 2 degrees Cancer, or Cancer rising at 2 degrees - in both cases, allow for a plus or minus four degrees.

Romantically, you've had Saturn in your house of true love since October 2012. Saturn teaches us lessons, but also tests our resolve. You may have fallen in love with someone who is still technically married, and hopefully that person will follow through on a divorce. Or, you may be smitten with someone who lives in a distant location in a city far from yours. If your sweetheart is truly available, he or she may still talk a lot about a former love, for getting over the past relationship is proving to be hard for your sweetheart. (Of course, that's never flattering to have to hear about a former love, and so you may be pulling your hair out comforting your new sweetheart while you wait for wounds to heal.)

There are many possible examples that I could have given you, but I think you get the idea. Some sort of obstacle has come up that you have had to deal with, and it seems to be taking a lot of time and patience before you will see a resolution. You probably are not even sure the problem CAN be fixed, but you seem willing to give this relationship more time.

If you are married, you may have delayed starting your family because of economic reasons, or because you have had problems conceiving. (These are just two examples of many possibilities.) Saturn will remain in this part of your chart only until December 23, 2014, when it will speed into Sagittarius. By June 14, 2015, next year, due to Saturn's impending retrograde motion, Saturn will retrograde back to Scorpio and your solar fifth house of love and children for a brief period, only from June 14 to September 17, 2015. At the end of those three months, you will be done with Saturn in Scorpio until the year 2041. I feel you will resolve the situation you are dealing with in love by time this year (2014) is out.

Last month, Mars entered the same part of your chart, your fifth house of true love and children, to stay until September 13, 2014, and may allow you to create some movement to your situation.

One day that will be very positive for love and matters related to pregnancy and children will be when Mars and Pluto will be in perfect sync, August 15. I feel this will be a wonder day, but I should mention that with Pluto being the planet of obsession, and being based in your house of love, you may say this day was awful. I am not sure how this could happen, but with Pluto, your lover could be quite inflexible. Hopefully you both want the same things. I will still put my money on this day being terrific and so positive that it may help you find a breakthrough to greater closeness. I would love to know how this works out for you.

Following along on treating August 15 as very positive, do something to improve your love relationship on this date. If you are ready to see a doctor about in vitro fertility treatments, make an appointment with your fertility specialist on August 15 or actually schedule your treatment for then, if your cycle works with that date. If you are single and frustrated that your current love keeps thinking about a past love, plan a beautiful romantic dinner out for that evening.

On August 25, when Mars conjoins Saturn in your fifth house of true love, you may have a talk, but you may feel a bit unsure of what to do about the topic that comes up. Mars will urge you to take assertive action, while Saturn will ask you to do just the opposite and take the more cautious conservative route. Saturn will win this conflict, as Saturn is the slower moving planet. See how you feel. The new moon also falls on that day, so you will find all the right words to articulate your deepest feelings. Sometimes you need a day like this to get in sync with the one you love.


The past twelve months have brought exceptional access to many people, some with considerable power and influence. Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, visited Cancer from June 2013 to July 2014. During that time, you likely were very busy, setting new projects in place. Now you will begin to see the fruits of your labors. Think back to all the fresh starts you made during the past twelve months. Profits you see in the coming twelve months - and especially this month - will relate directly to the actions you took during that earlier period that you just finished. While not all your projects that you seeded will flourish, several will, and in a very big way and will pay you dividends not just now, but for the coming decade or more.

Jupiter's move out of Cancer and into Leo last month has initiated this new trend. It is an exciting one. You will have to do your part by speaking up for the compensation you feel you are due. As it has been said, power is never given - it has to be seized. The coming twelve months, while Jupiter remains with you until August 2015, you will find it easier than usual to see your bank account grow in a substantial way. Life will not always be this bright financially, so you must be determined to take advantage of all the goodness life has to offer you while the Sun shines. Continue to nurture the projects that you started last year, and be confident you can make them grow into a big success.

Although most of the goodness will be directed to your earned income sector, you will also have financial good fortune from your eighth house of other people's money too. That house rules commissions, inheritance, court or divorce settlement, royalty, and sale of property, and will be another area of possible gain. While you will have an entire year of abundance, early August will be especially profitable, for the coming weeks will be fueled by the new moon of July 26 last month. This month your negotiations and actions will have clout, and you've likely built such good momentum that the force will be with you - make the most of this. The full moon of August 10 is likely to bring one vital financial transaction to a grand conclusion. Venus, often associated with profit as well as love, will be in your financial house from August 12 to September 5, just another indication of how brightly your fortunes shine - Venus brings gold coins with her, so you'll likely have some funds to add a few luxuries to your life too.

A great day to sign paperwork for any financial deal would be August 1 or 2, when Mercury (contracts) and Jupiter (profit, expansion, and appreciation) will join to make your venture a vital one if you use this day.

Good news may arrive on August 8, a potentially big day for sudden infusion of cash (or the promise of a check soon), thanks to a very active Uranus, planet of surprise, in talks with the Sun and Mercury, both in your house of salary. News would be sudden and unexpected, and your career is about to zoom upward. It's a sterling day.

Love may be remarkably bright on August 15, when Mars and Pluto will combine to create tenderness, passion, and possible commitment. These are planets known to run in the extreme, however, so fair warning - you may instead wind up arguing because you may feel your partner is taking too strong a stance, and may even feel pushed in a corner. Indeed, if things are not passionate, you might write to tell me when the day is over that you did not see eye-to-eye on anything. When it comes to a close romantic relationship, this will be one of those days that could turn out your very best or worst ever! Still, I am banking on "best day ever" so let's be optimistic.

The last week of August is a popular time to travel, and the new moon August 25 will act like a fairy godmother to get you the right opportunity to leave town. That new moon will also give you the means to go. You may not even have planned a getaway, but you may get an offer that is so sweet and enticing that you cannot refuse it. You may be concerned about the need for childcare, but perhaps you can hire a mother's helper at your destination - ask the hotel. If single, you may be frustrated by your sweetheart's work obligations and inability to go with you, but if so, don't let that stop the fun. Go anyway, with friends or a sibling.

Dates to Note: CANCER

Most important dates for love, meetings, or actions: August 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 11, 12, 15, 16-17, 20, 21, 30, and 31.

Your outlook for financial gain will be sensational all year but doubly so this month, thanks to the recent move of Jupiter to Leo and many layers of supportive planetary activity. August 2 and 8 will bring outstanding monetary opportunities, and by the full moon, August 10 you may buy, sell, purchase, or refine investments.

If negotiating a divorce, or a major deal at work, talks will come to conclusion within four days of August 10, with a surprising, happy result. Concern over a child may cause you to dip into your bank account to help that child.

Venus will help provide extra income-earning opportunities for you from August 12 until September 6. It will be a stellar time to work hard to rake in cash.

Thanks to a meeting of Venus and Jupiter on August 18, again money news will glitter for you, for surely it's due to be a banner day. Lots of work assignments are likely to come in now.

On August 15, Mars will conjoin Pluto, two planets that govern and link your houses of love and marriage. The result will either be sublime happiness or frightful disagreement. Only you know which way things are likely to go. Don't let anyone manipulate you.

Travel over the new moon August 25 plus two weeks. You will likely go to a nearby location and thoroughly enjoy being in a new setting. If your partner cannot break free from work to go with you, ask a friend or your sister to go with you instead.

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