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We listened! Here is the short version of Glamourscopes:

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Each sign's video has new material, there is no duplication of information that you will get. Don't miss these! Listen for your Sun sign and your rising sign as both are equal in importance.

Dear Reader,
Since December I have been struggling with my auto-immune condition. In February things got much more serious. My medicine suddenly stopped working as I had built up immunity to it, my inflammation grew, I could not eat, and I lost 16 pounds in two weeks. I am in the hospital. I am still on clear liquids. This month I could only write a short forecast, but I feel it's really special, as I wrote it with all the love I have to give you. If you are reading my note on your app, be assured that I write my daily horoscopes three months in advance - your service will continue as usual. (I am still writing this note from my hospital bed - writing to you makes me happy.)

Also, if you are reading this note on your app, please check your forecast on your computer or tablet on the Internet because we have some surprises to entertain and inform you that can ONLY be seen on the Internet, on my site, The first is the second edition of my new TV show for March that I taped months ago and runs approximately 30 minutes. Thousands of readers (you!) from all over the world have been pouring in each HOUR. Thanks to your spirited enthusiasm, it means I can make more shows - we want to add different formats to keep things lively. My producer, Paul Duddridge, based in Hollywood, hires a professional crew of 12 to hold my show to the highest production standards. (To give you an idea, the composer that worked for Hunger Games trailers wrote my show's custom music.) To cover costs, and to do the exciting things we have in mind for you, we will have to charge $1.99 per show, starting with the new moon eclipse, March 20. You will not see any advertising. Be sure to check the show before that happens; we hope you love it and will want to come back for more each month.

If you didn't see the GlamourScopes (3 minutes) and the "Extended Cut GlamourScopes" (7 minutes) intended for both men and women, where I talk about the Year Ahead 2015, all adorably animated, you are missing out on something fun. Those are free. Again, the link is only on my site online, not on my app.

Lastly, I was interviewed by esteemed British talk show host Paul McKenna last month for Hulu, and Paul says liked the interview so much they made a Part 1 and Part 2 out of it! (Heavens! Now I wonder, what did I say? They were just sent to us at press time!) Here, this month, is Part 1. It reveals my views on astrology and the more personal side of me. It's free, so let me know what you think - each part runs 30 minutes. Again, due to embed code that can only happen on my Internet site, you will have to go to your computer to see it properly.

In the meantime I have a team of doctors who keep hovering over me, and I trust them. Little angels swoop in each morning (but I know are really vampires) to take my blood. I don't have to worry about my health - that's their job. I get to attend to you. This time they are not taking my computer away, I will get to write. Yay! - Susan

Capricorn Forecast January 2015

By Susan Miller

Last year may have turned out to be a harder year than you expected it to be, mainly because you are a cardinal sign, and Uranus in cardinal Aries has been having an ongoing feud with Pluto in cardinal Capricorn since 2012. Cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn) are highly energetic and pioneering. They can add a lot of dynamics to a relationship, but they do not naturally get along with one another - they require a lot of extra effort, as good as the result might have been with a person from one of those signs. You may have found that life was exhausting, with those with a difference of opinion or cross purposes to you on and off all year. Perhaps unbeknown to you, Pluto in Capricorn has been having a roaring fight with Uranus in Aries since June 2012, and that dispute added an element of stress to the world, and to your life too. (There have been six precise "squares" between these two so far, considered very tension producing. By now you are an expert at all this - your home and your partner, in love, marriage, or business, has been the source of your thinking.)

This year, on March 16, 2015, Pluto and Uranus will end their bickering, but it will take a while for you to feel relief afterward. It may not be until these two planets get far enough away from one another mathematically will you fully feel the tension drop and will feel it is safe to exhale. I would say you will notice a change in September or October 2015, but each month this year will bring incremental sweet feelings of comfort. If your birthday falls in December, you are finished with your main areas of stress because Uranus and Pluto have orbited away from the hard angle to your Sun, but it is those who are born in the first week of January who are feeling the heat. Those born after January 10 won't ever be in the middle of Pluto and Uranus' feuds - you are fortunate.

The full moon of January 4 in Cancer, 14 degrees, will bring up some of the same problems you may have been dealing with for some time. The full moon will be in hard angle to Uranus, so you may get unexpected news about your residence, other property, or a family member, most likely a parent. You may have to move or repair a part of your home that has come apart. A roommate may leave unexpectedly; your sibling (for example) may have to come live with you. The possibilities of what might come up are nearly endless, so you get the idea. One unwelcome piece of news is likely to come up now, and it won't be any possibility that you expect.

Pluto in Capricorn will be in hard angle to this moon too, and it appears you and your partner (in love or business) will be on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to your ability to reach accord on a certain matter. It's likely to be a black and white situation with no room for either of you to find a mid-course. Yet some sort of compromise from you seems to be necessary and inevitable as this full moon unfolds. Some of the points will go your way, and some won't, but don't lose sleep over this - although you will be tempted to feel worked up, it won't be worth doing so. You may be tempted to come across too hard and strident - no need. Gentle words will work just as well, perhaps more so.

Every sign will be stirred by this angry full moon of January 4, so don't feel singled out. It's just that this full moon will occur 180 degrees from your Sun - an opposition - especially if your birthday falls on January 4 or within five days of this date. Oppositions are not easy to take, for it separates you from the person you are trying to reason with logically, but it appears you and your partner are as "far" from each other on the spectrum as is humanly possible.

Keep your health up to par, as you may feel drained during the time that the full moon wields its influence, until January 9.

Your finances will need tending, but this area should bring good news. You will have Venus in your income sector almost all month, from January 3 to January 27. Most people associate Venus with beauty, ease, luxury, and love - and that's true - but Venus also rules money, and so having Venus in your earned income sector will be a big plus for you, for she will work hard to get you extra cash this month.

You seem to have spent a lot last month, but you will be able to find ways to make money this month to make up for any tight cash flow you may feel initially, as January begins. Mars has been coaxing you to spend money, a trend that started December 5 last month, and this will continue only until January 12.

Watch for a lovely day to fall on January 13, when all the financial news that will come up should be happy news. It's a golden day, one of the best of the month, and a day your surprise may come in the form of generous check, or you may unexpectedly hit on a way to earn a substantial amount of money. It's also possible that you will make money on a real estate deal, or find an item for your home at an amazing bargain. This is your day, dear Capricorn.

The following day, January 14, will be a particularly special day for negotiation or bargaining on any topic that would be home-or family related. Mercury will work with its "higher octave" planet Uranus, bringing the thinking of Mercury to a much innovative level.

Once you get the new moon, January 20, you will find ways to earn more. If you have been in talks about money or a new position, the topic of compensation will come up AFTER this new moon appears (within a week), not before. This new moon is super-friendly, for it will receive a dazzling beam from Saturn, your ruler. While Saturn will help every person of every sign on this day, Saturn will help you more, for Saturn is your ruling planet. Decisions you make about money now will likely stay in place a long time. You may review your portfolio and make adjustments, or set up a savings plan for your future retirement, for Saturn is known to bring longevity and a settled, secure feeling. Do your homework, and make sure the advice you get will be from a learned, experienced financial advisor with fiduciary responsibility to you.

Mercury will retrograde from January 21 to February 11 in your financial sector, so it will be vital that you check your statements to make sure you authorized the charges on it. Identity theft is best banished by those who catch errors early. You may find that checks that are owed to you will take time to reach you - you may want to send a reminder notice. Track checks that haven't come in yet so you won't forget that someone has not paid you. This will not be a time to shop for expensive things, and especially not items with moving parts.

One of your best days of the month for doing intense research behind closed doors (on any subject), for petitioning the advice of someone older and wiser, or for seeing your advisor to make a financial plan would be January 25. On that day, your ruler, Saturn, will reach out to the Sun in the most harmonious way, and create an objective environment for making long-term decisions, commitments, and promises. The Sun rules your income, so you may find a way to increase your stash of cash on this day too.

When Mars enters Pisces on January 21, you will get a chance to travel. You won't need to travel far to have fun, but you will be able to get a welcome change of scene. You may go to a snowy location, or to one near a beautiful lake, a sunny island with pink sand, or other sumptuous natural setting near water. You often like to go to the mountains (goats love mountains, so skiing may be quite compelling). Still, Pisces, the place Mars is transiting, is tied to water, so see if the lure of the ocean and sunny weather exert an irresistible pull. Give in to it!

A day that may be especially poetic for travel to a town near water could be January 19, a Monday, but you will feel influential over January 17-18 too. Neptune will conjoin Mars in Pisces, and the transiting moon will be in Capricorn. Perfect! Put a ring around January 17-19.

Another strong weekend for going away will be January 30 to February 1. Mars in caring, romantic Pisces will reach out to Pluto in Capricorn, making for a loving, affectionate, and possibly quite sexy private time with your one true love. Venus, by month's end, will be in Pisces, and your travel and your interactions should be sweet as sugar. Pick a small, quaint town; book a cozy bed and breakfast inn; and ask grandma to take over the care of any little munchkins you may have.

If you are single, consider traveling as well. You may meet someone new and interesting on the train or while doing sports over the weekend of January 30-February 1. The point is, have fun and give yourself a complete break from routine and your usual cares.


After a happy holiday, you won't expect the highly emotional confrontation you may experience with your partner - a person who you are tied to in love or business - over the full moon, January 4. It appears your significant other has been harboring a resentment that will come to the surface now. This full moon will directly oppose Pluto in Capricorn - Pluto is symbolizing you here - but in this instance, you may be tempted to make a response that is out of proportion to the matter and much too strong. You need not hit a gnat with a hammer, dear Capricorn. Your living situation, or an argument concerning your family, seems also to be a sore point, and you may be surprised by the emotional wallop this full moon will bring. No one will find the January 4 full moon easy to endure.

Single Capricorns without a significant other may fare better this month. Your best day will occur when Venus, the planet of love and moving through your fifth house of romance, will receive a lovely beam from Uranus, planet of surprise, January 13. You will also feel the glow in the days leading to this day, over the weekend of January 11-13.

January 13 will also be quite wonderful for seeing a surprise jolt of money come in! Yay!

The first part of January will be an expensive time for you, as last month it seems you were quite generous in your gift giving and are now paying off those gifts. This year you can afford to be generous, for you have Jupiter, giver of good fortune, in your house of other people's money, and chances are, you will do well with a commission, bonus, court and divorce settlement, sale of property, refinanced mortgage, insurance payout, university financial aid, and other such funds.

In addition, this month you have a fabulous new moon, January 20, coming to you in the nick of time to cover all those credit card bills. That new moon will light your house of earned income, making the days following the new moon ideal for asking for a raise, or for negotiating a generous salary with a new employer. Are you self-employed? This new moon will help you bring in a prestigious client who will pay you well. Look into clients who work in the digital world, electronics, the sciences, biology, medical technology, pharmaceuticals, and the social sciences such as not-for-profit charities. If you make an effort to increase your income after that new moon, January 20, you will end the month richer than when you entered it.

Mercury will be retrograde in your earned income house, January 21 to February 11, so some checks due you may be delayed. If you had asked for a raise weeks or months ago, then it may come through now, as Mercury will be working to bring you closure to past actions. It's not the time to begin a new position because things will be in flux. You can conduct talks, but don't give your final answer until the second half of February. Also, put off buying an electronic item or a product with moving parts until then too.

For fun, this month you may want to go skiing with friends. Capricorns, an earth sign, generally loves to go hiking or skiing in beautiful wilderness mountain settings, and being practical, you like to see that there are well-marked paths. Mars will tour Pisces from January 12 to February 19, and during that time you can pack and go anytime your heart desires. This time the lure of the ocean or water may put a spell over you. Here's a hint for next month: Valentine's Day, February 14, falls on a Saturday, and the moon will be in Capricorn. Make plans for an enchanting time on this day for lovers.

Dates to Note for Capricorn:

The full moon in your opposite sign of Cancer on January 4 will be a tough one for a relationship, in either a romantic or business. Your home or a discussion about a family member may also heat up the discussion and put you at odds with your partner.

Mercury will go retrograde from January 21 to February 11. Sign no contracts, and buy no electronic items, or ones with moving parts, such as a car or kitchen appliance.

Your expenses rose in December and will continue to do so in the first days of this month, January 1-12, but then they will simmer down.

One of your best days for surprisingly good news about your finances will be January 12. The same day will be quite special for enjoying love.

The new moon, January 20, will be your best opportunity of 2015 to see a rise in earned income. Ask for a raise! Saturn, your ruler, will be behind you, and besides, it looks like you've impressed an older, powerful VIP. You must ask for a raise to get it!

January 25 will be a stellar day for money, and for gathering advice from a highly placed VIP.

Mars will tour Pisces and coax you to travel from January 12 to February 19, a perfect time to plan a quick, short trip over one or two weekends. It seems you'll find a setting near water to be quite soothing.

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P.S. for January 2015

A Surprise for You, from Me! Happy New Year 2015!

See my 12 "Glamourscope Videos" by Sign for a Look at Your Year Ahead 2015!

Here is your Year Ahead 2015, all 12 signs about 3 minutes each in length. Make sure you click on your rising sign as well, for it is as equally as important as your Sun sign (you would have had to have your chart done in order to know your rising sign).

Dear Readers,

Each year you have begged me to do a series of videos where I could share information about the year ahead for each sign of the zodiac. I wanted quite badly to do them, but I also wanted them to have beautiful production values, be completely unique, and be presented in an imaginative way. That was a tall order, which is why it has taken me so long to actually film videos. This is my first time!

My chance to do these beautiful videos came up when Conde Nast Entertainment (CNE) came to me with a proposal and a promise: we can help you in your quest, and you will adore the results! CNE told me that they would animate my words to illustrate my points in a compelling way. The CNE idea was so creative that I jumped at the chance to be part of this amazing project.

The team was large, and included the CNE team and the team from one of New York City's best animation houses. When I was on set, I learned to speak in such a way to allow the animators ease and accuracy in editing. We did each forecast in many different ways, in case the animators had to go back in to pull information. During the process, the animation editors and CNE executives were gradually learning about astrology, and I was learning about how such a complex and creative endeavor would fit together, piece by piece. This is a fascinating process!

The final results are adorable, sometimes funny, sometimes serious, and always accurate and informative. I know you will love these videos, and that you will want to share the links with friends and family. Each sign's video runs 4 minutes. Be sure to view your Sun sign forecast, and also the one for your rising sign if you know it. (You would have had to have had your natal chart cast by precise minute of birth to know your rising sign.) Both the Sun sign and the rising sign are exactly equal in importance, so both would be relevant to know when looking at your year ahead. In the videos you will see I give precise dates, so you may want to write them down. Of course, you can run the videos many times, and they will always be free to view.

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Also PDF option available for destinations overseas where delivery tracking of printed books is prohibitively expensive. The content is same as the print edition with its full-color illustrations by Jacqueline Schafer. The PDF delivers within 7 days on average.

My Personal Horoscope Custom Natal Chart Book $49.99 plus shipping / tax

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