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Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Your April Horoscope by Susan Miller

See Susan Miller's new Astrology Zone 30-minute streaming TV Show! For now, it will be seen once a month and will not duplicate any information you get on Susan's site - the broadcast will provide fresh, new material. For more info, see Susan's note to you found here, in the PS (post script) directly below your sign's summary and the dates to note. Express your ideas about Susan's new show in social media - we will be reading your comments. The show will not be seen yet on Susan's smart phone apps (stay tuned) but instead here on your computer or tablet. Please tell your friends to have a look!

Astrology Zone with Susan Miller for May 2015 from Television Four on Vimeo.

Last month I showed you the surprise I had for you, special animated videos called Glamourscopes that I had done with Conde Nast Entertainment (CNE). Each sign's video runs a little under three minutes. The animators illustrated my words with visuals in a very original and imaginative way, so most people think the videos are especially cute. You told us you loved the videos, but said in a loud and clear way, "We want them longer!"

We listened! Here is the short version of Glamourscopes:

and the NEW Extended Cut version of Glamourscopes (not duplicating the short forecasts of Glamourscopes above):

Each sign's video has new material, there is no duplication of information that you will get. Don't miss these! Listen for your Sun sign and your rising sign as both are equal in importance.

Your long monthly forecast by Susan Miller is found directly below this letter.

An Important Message about My New TV Show from Susan Miller

Dear Reader,

I want to thank you for your kind words for my TV show. Trust that all your comments are read, so please keep sending them. It is early days of my show, but with your feedback, the show can only get bigger and better. We want to make the show more interactive in the coming months so that we will be able to address some of your specific questions that we find coming up as typical of many readers. We do have ideas!

The show will now be available 10 days before the start of every new month. So, for example, we are posting the April show on March 20. If you would like to see that April broadcast, we will charge $1.99 for the show, and you will never see commercials.

If you would rather not pay the $1.99 for the new show as it comes available, you will have an option to see it for free if you are willing to wait a few weeks. If you are willing to wait for the following month, say, April 16, for example, to view April, you will have free access through the end of the month and in all the shows we archive. Then, by April 20, the new show will be posted to give you the option to see May 2015, for $1.99. So you do have the chance to stream from the middle of every month at no cost. As said, April's show will be available free from April 16 onward.

Astrology Zone and my normal long monthly horoscopes will always remain free as they always have every month for the past nineteen years on the Internet. We will not overlap material from my website to my new TV show - viewing the TV show will give you special insight and detail on the coming month and also help you get much more from the information you are already familiar with getting from me on Astrology Zone each month.

I hope to teach you a few handy skills that will give you an ah-ha moment that will allow you to understand how astrology works and how you can harness that information for your own purposes to achieve your goals and enjoy a brighter, happier life!

I am so excited about this project and hope you are too! I am weaving my material with clarity and love - and listening to every suggestion you have had for us! Thank you, dear reader!


Susan Miller

Libra Horoscope for April 2015

by Susan Miller

April holds a challenging eclipse that will test the strength of your closest relationship, or, alternatively, the state of your health. If both are in robust order, you will sail through April easily. The job of an eclipse is to protect you, even if the news is not always all you had hoped to hear. This will be a full moon total lunar eclipse, which brings ultimate closure and full information. I am concerned about this eclipse because it is in Libra 14 degrees and will receive a direct 180-degree opposition from Uranus in Aries. A partner is likely to shock you, and when the news is delivered - sometimes in a very casual, offhand way - you won't see it coming and it may rattle you to your bones. Uranus will be conjunct the Sun, so a friend may be involved in the episode you will experience and perhaps add some of the unexpected news.

Libras who have a Sun found at 14 degrees are those born October 7, plus or minus five days. If you have this birthday, you may have had health problems since the last eclipse October 8, or ever farther back. Or, you already know you have had to be very careful about the type of partner you align yourself with, for in your chart these days, you won't always know when a partner is being forthright and honest with you. You began to look to your partner for stimulation and excitement in life (always indicated by the position of Uranus), but this same person would also be the most likely to bring you unexpected situations. You may have seen a response from your partner - a partner you are tied to in a serious, committed way for love or as a business alliance - that seemed out of character. You may have thought nothing of it, but it may take an eclipse to show you someone's true colors. You may have been seeing the tip of the iceberg.

You have help in this eclipse, however, from another friend, because Jupiter will be in the neighborhood and have your friend in the precise place to help clarify or improve a situation. It will be very important not to rush to judgment on whatever news comes up, because it appears it may be misleading or not complete, leading you to the wrong conclusions. Every eclipse seems to have a second act, so wait a day or two until the dust settles and you can see the situation more clearly.

This month certainly will examine and even encourage alliances, for at the new moon on April 18 you will have a chance to either make a new alliance, in business or in love, or mend the one that is on your mind.

If your birthday falls on October 21, the new moon will have an extra strong effect on you. There are many possible scenarios. You may be getting engaged this month or married, but may have had a problem with an agent or business partner with the eclipse. The seventh house where all the activity is being focused rules all sorts of serious relationships that require a legal commitment, where both parties rise or fall by the contribution both parties put into the agreement they made to support common goals.

Now I would like to backtrack to the top of the month to show you how we have strong, supportive days standing next to ones to avoid, especially in the first half of the month. Here are days to watch:

April 5 will be a difficult day, when Pluto will be at hard angles to the Sun. This aspect can give you problems with your psycho-landlord, nutty roommate, or the structure of the house / apartment itself. It is also not a time to ask an authority figure in your family for a favor. Keep your head down and out of the line of fire.

Instead, wait for your gold-star day, April 21, when Pluto will work directly with Mars to give you your best shot at the results you want.

Generally, Mars in Taurus has you looking over investments, but also being concerned with high expenses this month. While you have several planets in your eighth house, it's the right time to go over your portfolio with your financial advisor and see if any changes are indicated. Also check insurance needs, and make sure you are covered for water damage, which is usually left off homeowner and renter insurance. (You may never need it, but it's comforting to have added. You won't want to find out you never had coverage for floods or other water problems, even though I don't see any particular danger to you now.)

April 6 is a wild card, where just about anything can come up regarding a partner, and probably something will. Uranus will be conjunct the Sun, and your partner may either thrill you or shock you to your toes. All you can do is sit back, open the window, and see what flies in. With Uranus you never know. Yes, it can be a thrilling day - you have to wait to find out which way things go. One other thing - if you like to generate ideas with your partner, say, for a creative idea in a brainstorming session, this would be an ideal day to set aside and do that. You both would come up with positively brilliant ideas.

On April 7, you may have to watch what you say, as Mercury (speech, writing, communication) will be in hard angle to Pluto. Again, people connected to your home or family would be the ones you'd have to be the most careful not to offend.

Socially, one of your sweetest days will be April 2, when Jupiter and the Sun trade signals. This would be a glorious day to see an old friend, or to gather together a group of friends for a dinner after work. Jupiter, the great planet of good fortune, will go direct on April 8 after having been retrograde since December. This is wonderful, as friends will start to play a much bigger part of your life than they have recently and offer more assistance too. As said earlier, a friend may help you untangle a problem you are having with your partner by offering wise advice. Truly, until August 11, the date Jupiter will spend in your friendship sector, your friends are the golden part of your chart - look to them to bring happiness and assistance. This would also be the right time to join a new club, either social or professional, and to be open to making new friends and contacts.

Another favorite day for socializing will be April 22, when Venus, the guardian planet to Libra, will work closely with Jupiter to make your evening a standout. It's almost sure to be a happy day on so many fronts. Certainly, socially it will rate a gold star, but also for other initiations - when your ruling planet is getting special attention from Jupiter, that says something! Use this day to your advantage! Speaking of Venus, Venus will move into air-sign Gemini, a superb place for you, for you are an air sign too. Venus enters Gemini from April 11 to May 7. You will be alluring and charming, so be sure to mix and mingle during that period. These dates are also important for you to see about refreshing and augmenting your appearance too, in any way you would like to do. Mercury will begin to retrograde next month, May 18 to June 11, so I would like you shop for new clothes and grooming aids now, not later. Moreover, Venus is due to retrograde - never a time to make radical changes to appearance, from July 25 to September 6. Make your changes now, and then enjoy looking great throughout the retrograde! (Trims and general grooming are fine to do during Venus retrograde - Venus would never want you to look a little frayed by the edges - but it's not a time to change your look dramatically.) Plastic surgery should never be done when Venus is retrograde - it's your face! You need Venus to be alert and energetic to oversee the results!

Because Venus will tour your travel house from April 11 onward - and that travel will be a growing trend you will see pick up speed in May and June - if you are longing for time off, start this month to think about where you might want to go.

The last weekend of the month, April 25-26, when Venus will play tag with Uranus, could turn out to be your best, with the most fun coming your way. You seem to have a partner who wants to make you happy this weekend, so go with your partner's ideas. The transiting moon will be in Leo, too, a gorgeous place for you. No doubt about it, you'll love April 25-26.


April may prove to be the most important month of the year for you, for it holds the full moon lunar eclipse in Libra, April 4. Full moon eclipses bring things to a culmination, and in this case, it will involve a close relationship in love, marriage, or business. Uranus will act in a wild way, and because Uranus is the planet of rebellion and idiosyncratic behavior, it may be that you will view your partner as acting unpredictably and out of character, putting your nerves on edge.

Alternatively, in a completely different manifestation of how things go, your partner may be in crisis, and you may need to drop everything and help.

You may need to make a new plan of action in this relationship, as it won't be possible to go back to rewind the tape to an earlier time. When an eclipse comes by, the only way possible is forward. You will know your own mind, for the eclipse will be in Libra and will illuminate your choices quite vividly. You may get a feeling of relief now, especially if you have been vacillating about what to do about your relationship before this eclipse arrived. Often, an eclipse will set in motion events that force us to do what we were unable to do for ourselves. In this case, what might happen is the eclipse will take things out of your hands and sets things in motion for you. Amid the cast of characters around you, a friend will play a leading role and be a fount of wise advice and emotional support.

Venus, your ruler, will hold sway over how things go in the end, and it appears an impending living situation will be part of the discussion. Happily, Venus and Pluto will be in sync, suggesting a home-related or family matter can be quickly transformed and resolved in an agreeable way. Think back to events of last year, near the eclipse of October 8, 2014, and one prior to that, April 15, 2014. The events and discussions that took place a year and six months ago will now bring talks to a new level, and hopefully, you will be able to resolve a period of difficulty and be ready to begin a new chapter.

After the eclipse, the rest of the month will be easier. The new moon in Aries on April 18 will open possibilities with a partner within a calm, productive environment. It is unclear if this person is the partner you were thinking about earlier at the eclipse on April 4, or is a completely different one. The seventh house where this new moon falls rules both romantic and business partnerships - one of these individuals may be ready to sign papers to make collaboration official.

If your home, other property, or people you deal with in connection with your home or property was the main issue at the full moon on April 4, then you may see a gratifying breakthrough when Mars and Pluto will be in sync on April 21. No doubt about it, April 21 will be a very special day.

For fun and pure luck, April 22 will be outstanding - your best day of the month! Venus and happiness planet Jupiter will be in sync, and again, you'll be touched by the care and support that a friend will show you. Romantically, it's a superb day too.

Add, too, the weekend of April 25-26, when Venus will be in a playful mood and, you'll find sweet surprises will be just around the next corner.

Date to Note: Libra

You will need to stay strong during a very difficult full moon lunar eclipse in Libra, April 4. You may suddenly feel that your thinking about a close relationship has become clarified, but not in a way you would have hoped.

Jupiter will turn direct April 8 and allow your social life to sizzle from that point on. Jupiter has been retrograde since early December 2014. Friends will play a big role.

Venus in Libra makes this a good time to update your look: April 11 to May 7. Your magnetism will be high.

Pluto will go retrograde from April 16 to September 25, and during that time, you might change your mind about a move or renovation, or a plan you had to help one of your parents.

A new day will dawn for a partnership on the new moon plus ten days, April 18.

However, you can act on April 21 when Mars and Pluto are in sync, with the expectation of great home and family goal results.

Venus rules Libra, and on April 22, Venus will be in a happy-go-lucky mood, getting tickles from Uranus. It's a day filled with surprise, and you should receive good news from a partner, quite out of the blue.

Great weekend to be spontaneous and travel: April 25-26, thanks to Venus and Uranus in sync. Let your partner make all the plans.

A creative idea you come up with and launch on April 29 may make you a good commission or your ingenuity.

Previous Month's Forecast >>>

P.S. for April 2015

Proudly Announcing the Debut of my NEW TV Show!

For many years, I have had the dream of having my own TV show - that dream came true February 1, when my show debuted. It runs 30 minutes and will stream internationally on, our host provider.

Each month, I will explain points about astrology in an easy to understand way. All the material on the broadcast will be fresh and new and not be anything duplicated on my site. My aim is to help you understand how astrology works, and how you can harness this ancient art yourself to make your dreams come true.

Tell us how you feel on my social media accounts, on Twitter @AstrologyZone, and on Facebook "Susan Miller." Also,, our server host for the show, provides a place for comments too, and so do post a note there too - all of us will be reading your comments.


Announcing the NEW, Extended Cut Glamourscopes Videos!

Last month I showed you the surprise I had for you, special animated videos called Glamourscopes that I had done with Conde Nast Entertainment (CNE) on a forecast for The Year Ahead 2015. Each sign's video runs a little under three minutes. The animators illustrated my words with visuals in a very original and imaginative way, so most people think the videos are especially cute. You told us you loved the videos, but said in a loud and clear way, "We want them longer!"

To CNE's credit, they immediately went back into the film I had already done for the original videos to see if they could create longer ones. I had originally taped for three hours per sign in various ways to help the animators do their work, so there was plenty of material for CNE to sort through. CNE designed new, longer, seven-minute videos that did not duplicate any of the material I had given you on the first, shorter, three-minute versions.

Called the NEW Extended Cut Glamourscopes, you are telling us that you love these even more. Don't miss them! In these Glamourscopes, I give you plenty of dates, so you will want to click on the links below to hear all the advice I have for you, dear reader! Remember to listen to your Sun sign and rising sign - both!

Shorter Glamourscopes:

Extended Cut Glamourscope (not duplicating the short forecasts of Glamourscopes above):

How to Deal with Eclipses Completely Revised!

Just in time for the possibly difficult April 4 total eclipse of the moon in Libra (an emotional full moon), I spent a lot of time completely revising my older manuscript on eclipses. It is written in easy to understand style, with bullet points, so you can easily grasp all the tips I give you. Let me know on Twitter (@astrologyzone) how you like it. I finished it this week, so it's hot off the press.

Here is the link

Fashion Trends in 2015 to Consider By Sign

If you didn't catch the very long article I wrote for The Coveteur, a dazzling Canadian fashion website, you may want to read it today. I take all the runway looks and match them by sign. Be sure to read for your rising sign too, if you know it. Over 150,000 women clicked on this article according to my bitly link, so it seems popular!

Click here:

Happy Birthday, Aries

Each month I write a Happy Birthday forecast for Neiman Marcus' Blog, and then post the URL on Twitter and Facebook for my readers to see. If you are not on social media, you are not seeing it. Here is Happy Birthday, Aries! Click here:

Neiman Marcus archives some of the past ones, so if you go to this fine retailer's website, scroll to the bottom of their homepage, find The Blog, and go in to Lifestyle, Horoscopes. (I am a bit buried there.) You can still get some of the past signs that you may enjoy reading.

If you want to read my Twitter feed, I am on @AstrologyZone

And on Facebook I am simply "Susan Miller".

See Childhood Photos of Me on

I am proud to be the new brand ambassador of Fresh, the LVMH brand that specializes in beautiful natural skin care. Last year, I collaborated with Fresh to come up with oval soaps by sign sold on their website and in their stores. The scent of these soaps is simply divine, and the soaps are of the highest quality. When you purchase one or more soaps, you get a little booklet I wrote for Fresh about the qualities of your sign and peek ahead for 2015.The oval Zodiac soap Collection makes an elegant birthday gift for a friend or relative, or a treat for yourself.

Have a look at these links to see what we've been up to!


Link to Collection:

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- As a special bonus with purchase at any Fresh Retail Store, each Zodiac Oval Soap comes with an exclusive booklet featuring a look at the year ahead by Susan Miller


Link to Fresh Moments:

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Link to Videos:

- 13 part video series featured on Fresh's YouTube channel and

- One video per astrological sign featuring Susan giving a synopsis about the sign, predictions for the year ahead, and curated product pick by sign


- Stay tuned for special events in the spring at Fresh Retail Stores with Susan Miller

Events to be highlighted on Fresh Facebook (

You Love The Zodiac Jewelry Collaboration I Did With Sequin!

Thank you for your Overwhelming Response!


Last March, when I was still well, I was invited by Sequin executive women to look at an idea their talented New York City Sequin Design Studio had for a collection of pendants with an astrological theme. I immediately fell in love with the various astrological pendants, and they asked me to check to make sure all the designs and keyword descriptions of the signs to be used on their site were astrologically correct. (Everyone, it seems, at Sequin reads Astrology Zone!) I love the quality of these beautiful pieces. Many girls layer several of these necklaces, using various lengths, and that's a great look too.

The pendants are all made in America and handcrafted by artisans using material components from around the world, and are so well priced that I feel they will fly out of their inventory. These necklaces are gorgeous. They are made of 22K gold-plated brass with antique finish and crystal details. I was impressed with the lovely chain that the pendants come with too, as it is tangle-proof and delicately made to look beautiful when worn. Whenever I wear my necklaces, I get so many compliments.

These necklaces make great gifts or a treat for yourself. I quickly chose those necklaces as part of my favorite things to give for a friend's birthdays. Imagine how surprised I was that Oprah had chosen this Sequin Collection as a part of her "favorite things" in her December issue! I was so happy for my new friends at Sequin and the incredible success of this new line of jewelry. It seems Oprah and I think alike!

Click through to see the entire range of jewelry, using this link:

Book Recommendation: "Style Stalking"

by the Co-Founders of Refinery

Review by Susan Miller

When I am writing a long document that takes more than a week to write, like I just did for you when I write your monthly horoscope, I occasionally need to take a break, but only for 20 minutes. I don't want to lose my train of thought, and any longer would unravel the details I have memorized for your report. In those instances, I will often go to one of my favorite websites like I'll spy a must-read article such as "How to Look Awesome on the Rainiest Days" or "Sleek, Straight Hair - The Safe Way."

But wait, I have noticed something else on the site lately - Refinery29 founding editors, Editor in Chief Christene Barberich and Creative Director Piera Gelardi have teamed up to write a book called "Style Stalking." (Potter Style, Penguin Random House $19.99.) Clearly, this is a must-read for me. Credit card in hand, I ordered it on Amazon and was holding the book the next day.

Everyone knows that top designers look to street style for inspiration for their newest collections. How many times have I been in New York's SoHo and spotted a girl who got every fashion detail right, and it took all of my restraint not to take out my iPhone and click that outfit so I could study it later? Now imagine an entire book of full-page color photographs of cool girls in their outfits that will poke you and prod you to look at fashion differently, from inside out. Instead of being told what to wear, your instinct and personality will choose what to put together. This book encourages experimentation, whimsy, and just plain fun.

The chapters are wide ranging, from Layering (considering especially tricky for most of us, say the editors), to Denim, and lots of other chapters, including one called Ugly Pretty. Your fashion sense will be challenged and brightened as you read. I was happy to see one chapter on mastering the Ladylike Look in a new way, as that's a favorite of mine - I never expected to see that topic here. You will not copy any of the looks you see, but after you close the covers of this book, having been exposed to so much interesting photography, the gears of your mind will still be moving at top speed.

I highly recommend you get this unusual book, and then watch to see which pieces you reach for in your closet in weeks to come. I've never seen a book like this one, nor a magazine article that approached chic street fashion in the same way - it may push your creative energy sky high, and for that alone, it's worth the price of this fun book.

Click here to order:

My New Apps for Android, Samsung Galaxy, and iPhone are Ready to Download!

Last January, Phunware met with me and we set out to design a completely new app for AstrologyZone readers. We have a free version and an optional paid subscription version for Google's Android and Samsung Galaxy, just like the iPhone readers experienced approximately a year ago.

My new app has a completely new, sleeker design and many new features. You will still have a free daily horoscope, or if you prefer to subscribe, a much longer daily horoscope. The long version is the one most readers prefer. The new applications work with iOS 7.0+ and Android OS 4.0+. If you are already a subscriber to my app on your iPhone, the new design will just slide in to replace the old design when you updated your app. If you have a Samsung Galaxy smart phone, you use the Android operating system, so you will get the new design too. The bugs in the iPhone are all fixed, no more signing in each time you check your forecast, and the tools section for subscribers, the prettiest section, is working flawlessly now. Android/ Samsung Galaxy were bug-free from day one, so go get my app in either one of our retailers, Google Play or Apple App Store, depending on your smart phone type. Search: "Susan Miller."

A feature of my new apps is that each app will automatically expand or shrink to fit your other devices, whether iPad or tablet, or any size smart phone you choose, large screen or small. These newly designed applications have kept screen real estate in mind, allowing users with phones or tablets to get a fully optimized experience for their device screen size. The iPhone 6 is now out, and my app will beautifully translate to that new screen size as well. Keep in mind that you are purchasing a subscription to my app from Apple or Google as retailers, not from us at Astrology Zone. I get a commission on the purchase price of the subscription you buy.

Whether you choose the free version of my app or choose to subscribe to the premium version, either way you will still always have your monthly Astrology Zone report on your phone, and my previous month's report as well. You can check all twelve signs of the daily or monthly horoscopes too by simply going to the home screen and choosing a different sign. The new apps will list my appearances too, but so far, I have no appearances on my schedule, but that might change in time, and if it does, you will be able to see where I will be immediately. Until now, only readers who went to their computers online would know in what city I would have new events. You can also see my Twitter feed on your mobile device too. The designs for Android and iOS are consistent; you get the same visual design and features for either application.

I would appreciate you taking the time to review my app, for I will read all your comments. I am grateful that sales of the premium subscription are so strong, for this allows me to keep Astrology Zone free. Thank you for your support and understanding while I recover from my illness.

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