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Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Your August Horoscope by Susan Miller

Libra Forecast for August 2014

By Susan Miller

You have had so many months of stress that what you need most is a month that is light and carefree. August will allow you to kick back and let go of career concerns. Last month, Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, moved into Leo, a bright, happy, gregarious sign that blends beautifully with your Libra air sign element. Jupiter is now touring your friendship sector, and in the year to come, from now until August 11, 2015, you will make many new friends, and some may help you in ways you had not yet considered. New friends will open you up to new interests and more new friends. You are starting a new cycle now, and it is one that will be thoroughly enjoyable.

The house that Jupiter is now sending its golden light is your eleventh house, which also rules hopes and wishes. In the coming months, you will likely see the realization of a long-held dream dear to you. It might be material such as, "I want to buy a house of my own!" Or spiritual, "I dream of having a baby!" The place you are hosting Jupiter truly is that fairy-tale house where you can see one wish come through to you in the coming year. Jupiter is the planet of happiness, expansion, goodness, and even miracles, so you have every reason to feel you do have reason for hope.

In order to unlock the goodness of Jupiter, you would need a new moon in the eleventh house, and you had a stellar one just a few days ago, on July 26, in Leo, 4 degrees. That new moon set in motion a major social trend, and as you enter August, that new moon is still sending you strong, sure vibrations. It's an ideal time to mix and mingle with others, so get started by arranging to meet up for lunches and dinners. Invite friends to your home, and show off your entertaining skills. Don't worry too much about your career this month, so plan to coast a little. In early August, get more involved in the social media of your choice, and also look into attending industry trade shows and seminars. The same part of your chart rules charity, community, humanitarian, and political efforts (such as to help a favorite candidate win an election), so you may be asked to head up a committee in one of these areas. This would be a wonderful way to use the bright energy in the start of August. When helping a charity, you will be meeting like-minded people and can make new friends that way too.

If your birthday falls on September 25, plus or minus four days, or if you have Libra rising within four degrees of 2 degrees, or a natal planet at 2 degrees (plus or minus five degrees) in Libra, Aquarius, or Gemini, this full moon will reach out to you in a special way, and you will get a double dip of pleasure.

Put a golden circle around Friday, August 8, when love and romance will reach all kinds of delightful outcomes. The Sun in Leo (in your solar eleventh house of friendship, events, people, and hopes and wishes) will be in ideal angle to Uranus in your marriage / partnership sector. You and your mate will likely have a magical evening together, or, if you are not married, your business partner (or agent, manager, stylist, publicist, or other person you collaborate with closely) will have outstanding news for you - it would be quite electric and exciting!

I discussed this stellar new moon last month in my June report, for it is one of the finest new moons of the year. You can always see last month's forecast by clicking on "Last month's forecast" on this page. Scroll down to below your Dates to Note and above the PS, and you will always see the link to the previous month's forecast.

Mercury, the travel planet, will be meeting with many planets this month, almost all in a positive way, starting over the weekend of August 1-2, when Mercury will be conjunct Jupiter. This is a fantastic aspect, and as rare as it is wonderful. Use it to take a getaway, sign a contract, to shop, or to send an important document. It also would be a fine weekend to devote to writing or to make a deal with a company overseas.

Love and romance will be delicious over the weekend of August 9-10, at the full moon in Aquarius, 18 degrees. No matter what you assume will happen, something else will, and it will be a complete surprise! Uranus will be perfectly oriented to this full moon, and Uranus brings news and events that you would never expect. Whether you are single or married, try to find a way to be out this gorgeous weekend. If you are attached, schedule a beautiful dinner with the one you love. If you are single, this new moon will help you even more, for it lights your house of new love, true love, and with Uranus paying Puck, you have every reason to be excited about a new meeting with a new romantic interest.

If you are invited to any type of gathering - art opening, benefit, lecture, book signing - you name it, be sure to go. Aquarius is a gregarious sign, so chances are, you will be surrounded by many people, some of whom you'll know and others that you won't. Be open to making new friendships, and ask friends to make introductions for you. Don't be too rigid about the type of love interest that you hope to meet. This is not a job interview, yet so many of my friends approach love as such. Relax and have fun, and above all, give your new romantic interest (if you meet one) a chance.

All Libras will enjoy this full moon of August 10. If your birthday falls on October 11, plus or minus four days, you will feel and enjoy this full moon even more. If you have Libra rising at 18 degrees, or a natal planet in Libra, Aquarius, or Gemini at 18 degrees (again allowing a plus or minus five degrees), then the same is true - it will have your name on it.

You have other dazzling days. Over the weekend of August 16-17, and also on Monday, August 18, Jupiter will contact Venus. This is an out of this world event, and it only happens once a year. Your ruler is Venus, so when your ruler conjoins good fortune Jupiter, that's headline / news. You will have unusual protection with an edge of good luck. You can use these outstanding days for just about any initiation that is important to you, and can be confident that the force will be with you. Venus and Jupiter will meet in your house of friendship and a friend may go out of his or her way for you - you may get a career tip or reference, for example, and that kindness may make all the difference. On a smaller level, your friend may invite you to an A-list party, ask you to be a guest at her country house, or do something else on your behalf that touches you. Friends will go out of their way for you now - this day will prove this to you!

One more golden day deserves a star on your calendar. On the weekend of August 23-24, or Monday, August 25, you will hear me talk about other things that are happening in the heavens that day. (You will see later, for August 25 is also a new moon too.) Again your guardian planet, Venus will receive a shimmering beam, this time from Uranus, planet of surprise. It looks like you and your mate will have something to look forward to doing.

While attached Libras will have an edge, all Libras should be able to find ways to enjoy this electric vibration. If single, friends may be involved with introducing you to someone new and very exciting. If attached, you may go to a friend's party that you and your partner enjoy very much. It's a sweet day, and I hope you will make it a point to go out.

Mars is now out of Libra, having been in your sign for nearly eight months, from December 7 to July 25. Mars in Libra is usually an enviable place to have Mars, but because Uranus and Pluto were acting like rabble-rousers in a street gang, all those months you felt on display and under a lot of pressure. Mars is now in Scorpio, racing through your second house of earned income. You will do a lot of money management, and it is likely that your expenses will rise. Saturn is already in this house, and no doubt you've been frustrated about a tight cash flow. You may already know about certain payments or a large purchase you will need to make in August, and have planned for it. If not, then see if you can delay a big-ticket purchase this month until you can see the lay of the land. By holding back, you can control your budget more easily. Mars will not be in your solar second house of income and expenses for long - only until September 13.

This month, Mars will be in sync with Pluto in your house of property, home, and real estate on August 15, allowing you to make an excellent financial deal in regard to real estate. You may negotiate with the painters, contractor, even with an insurance company for a repair you need on your apartment or house. You may shop for a bargain on furniture or a mattress - you decide. When it comes to home, August 15 is your day to act.

On August 25, you will have a new moon in Virgo, 2 degrees, a signal to slow down and get rest. A new moon in the twelfth house represents the end of a yearly cycle, as you will soon get ready for your new birthday year, starting next month. It marks a time to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit by taking life more slowly. The end of August would not be the time to take a strenuous vacation, filled with a lot of sightseeing. A relaxing trip seems more your speed this month, perhaps in the mountains, as Virgo is an earth sign (the sign the new moon is appearing in), so going into the country may sound more enticing than going to the shore.

This month, daydream about what you would like to accomplish in your new birthday year. The ancient astrologers always advised planning your birthday year four weeks prior to your birthday, so your right time to begin thinking about all you'd like to do and accomplish would be in the days that follow the new moon in Virgo, August 25. Don't let anyone tell you that daydreaming is a waste of time - it is vital, for by daydreaming you can see your new life in color, as if in a beautiful dream. You have the starring role, and you also will be the director and producer of that dream, dear Libra, so you will have complete control of the plot and how each scene develops. Design the movie of your coming year, and imagine all the tiny details of the set of every scene. Social scientists say that the brain processes memories and future plans and dreams, as daydreams, in the same way. The brain does not make much of a distinction between either. For this reason, your daydreams become real, and the more vivid you can make your daydream, the more you will be able to make your dream a reality.

The twelfth house is an area of psychological and physical healing, so if you need to see a doctor for any type of problem, do so on or just after the August 25 moon. That new moon will oppose Neptune, so if you have an unusual case, your doctor may have problems making a precise diagnosis. Have patience, and go through as many tests as necessary. Also, be careful about new drugs that you may be prescribed, as with Neptune so strong and in hard angle, you may have a reaction. Discuss the side effects for any new medicine you take, and also look up your drug on the Internet for more information.

One parting word: make August and September your productive months. You will have to deal with Mercury retrograde, starting to slide backward first in Scorpio, but retrograding most of the time in Libra. Also on October 8 we will have a full moon lunar eclipse in Aries, and on October 23 a new moon solar eclipse in Scorpio, and those always shake up the status quo and require adjustment. While you have two great months in a row, use them, then open the window, sit back in October, and see what flies in.


August starts out delighting you in every way - social, fun, with new faces and activities to choose from. Chances are, your friends will tell you that you work much too hard. You of all signs will enjoy the breezy, sunny influence of August to the fullest. Kick back and do nothing more important than reading a bestselling book as you sip iced tea. Or meet up with friends to watch the first week of August, the time to plan a getaway to a place where friends say is ideal to relax.

Your happiest weekend will be August 16-17 when your ruler and planet of beauty, Venus, links to Jupiter, planet of happiness, and will combine energies to bring you a sensational time when enjoying the camaraderie of friends.

Ever since Jupiter entered your eleventh house of people, events, friendships, and charities last month in mid-July, your greatest personal growth will occur when you get out of the office and mingle with others. Many people will pour into your life now, and it will be up to you to cultivate the ones who interest you the most. The new moon of July 26 will still be strong in early August, so socially that's when you'll make your greatest progress.

Mars has recently moved into your earned income sector, joining teacher Saturn already there since October 2012. Saturn has been holding down your income, and regrettably, in August Mars will increase your expenses. You may have already seen this happen in late July - if not you will see it now. Perhaps you planned for a large outlay this month, such as to pay for tuition or put a down payment on a house. This trend will only continue until September 13. If you have optional big-ticket purchases that you can delay or space out until next month, do, for controlling your cash flow may make your life easier. Your toughest day will fall near August 25, when Mars links to Saturn, and certain financial truths will become evident.

The pattern of life will wind down to pin-drop silence in the last week, thanks to the new moon in Virgo, August 25. You may want to take a slow and easy vacation, but the cost of going away may concern you. If you want to find an attractive travel package, you will be able to find it. Have faith that all the pieces of your puzzle will fall into place. You've spent a lot of time tending after others - now it's your time for you to take care of you.

Dates to Note: LIBRA

Most important dates for love, meetings, or actions: August 5, 6, 8, 10, 13, 14, 17, 18, 19, 22, 23-24, 25, 28, and 29.

Now that Jupiter has moved to Leo last month for the first time in a decade, you will soon see that your circle is about to expand enormously. Consider joining a new professional or social club or getting involved in a charity so you can mix and mingle with like-minded people. Consider getting involved in social media too.

Virtually all your personal growth will come through being open to making new friendships and ties. Make an effort in the first half of August.

Later, Venus will tour Leo until September 5, a highly compatible place for you, and help you to draw more people to you. In friendship and love, this will be a banner month.

The full moon August 10 may bring a sudden invitation for a social event - one you must accept. Obligations at home may worry you, but take your chance at fun. If attached, the topic may be a pregnancy or care for a child. Creativity will shine too.

On August 17, Venus will cuddle next to Jupiter and bring you one of the most outstanding days of the year, as Venus is your ruler. While this day will be stellar for fun and love, it will also cast a golden glow on everything else - you can use this day as you wish, confident things will work out for you.

The new moon in Virgo, on August 25, will coax you to rest. Schedule nothing too demanding in this last week - it's meant for privacy and rest.

Single? Venus and Uranus will be a joyful mood on August 25, a lovely vibe you'll also feel on August 24. Love would be electric, and a meeting may materialize quite suddenly.

Financially you may feel temporarily hesitant about a decision you need to make, for you seem not sure which way to go. At month's end, Mars will be telling you to act, but Saturn, conjunct Mars, will caution you to wait and be circumspect. At the end of August, listen to Saturn.

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